“Do not feel guilty for prioritizing your emotional well-being.
You deserve to flourish in safe spaces.”
– Alex Elle

If you’re here, you’re probably struggling with a significant burden in your life. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, trauma, or even difficulties with relationships, I want you to know that researching your future therapist is a great first step. In fact, having a good relationship with them has been known to be a major factor in achieving progress in your therapy.

To see if I’d be a good match for you, let me open up and tell you a bit about myself to see if my experience and style are the right fit for you. I am a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and I have been working with clients for the last seven years.

I have worked in LGBTQIA+ and school based agencies, working with people from all different backgrounds who struggle with a wide variety of challenges. I’ve worked with individuals with issues like depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, loss, neurodiversity, caregiving, relationship issues, polyamory, ethical & consensual non-monogamy (ENM/CNM), LGBTQIA+, kink/BDSM, sex issues, and gender issues.

Social justice is the foundation of my therapeutic perspective. It’s important for me to continue to work with those in marginalized communities. I identify as mixed race (white and hispanic) even though I am white presenting, and I have found my identity has been a major benefit for my clients. It has helped me have a personal understanding of the unique challenges people of mixed race face in their families and in society at large.

I make active steps in order to promote a tailored therapy experience for my clients using an integrative approach – meaning I use the tools I have to best help you. I feel it is important for me to treat you with sensitivity, respect, and warmth.

Our work in therapy is important to me, you’re not just another name on my list. I will treat you with the respect and warmth that every individual deserves. I want to get to know you as a person and discover what steps will benefit you the most on your own journey. You’re the expert of yourself, and I’m just following in your steps to make sure you have the support you need. Together, we can come up with goals and solutions that are going to work for you.

My Rates

$175 individual (55 minute)
$240 couple (80 minute)
Sliding scale options depend on availability.


(510) 244-3966

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